Midland Compliance Program

Compliance: means to fulfill, to be in contact with the conformities and to respect internal and external laws, policies and regulations.

Because of this, Midland strictly follows the necessary requests to minimize the risks connected to its image and reputation.

Some of our responsibilities and values are:

Respect people: We don´t allow any type and nature of harassment.
Respect health and safety at work: We are committed to provide a safe and healthy work environment.
Respect commercial partners: We deal with long-term reliable partners in all our supply chain.
Respect the environment: At Midland, we consider environmental impact and the need to protect natural resources.
Respect laws: Midland is against any behavior that facilitates possible crimes, briberies and frauds.

To monitor actions inside the company, we realize frequent fiscal auditory, trainings, policy reviews, and we also have external legal assessment.

Moreover, we have a channel to report offenses and we have an investigation committee.

If you note any offense, please contact us through this e-mail: compliance@midland-quimica.com.br

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