Supplier Conduct Policy

This document that shows Midland’s committment with business ethical, environmental and social rules, should be totaly followed by partners and service providers. Any kind  conflict of interest betwen the parties are not accepted

Midland does not accept illegal business pratices, such as  bribery, tax evasion, receipt and offerings of unjustifiable gifts, formation of cartels and acts of corruption. 

The Company follows rigorously the Law for the Protection Of Personal Data (LGPD) and  expects confidentiality by its partners, suppliers and service providers, on data shared  between the parties. 

Midland does not accept sexual nor moral harassment, racial discrimination as well as  any type of religion, age, gender, political conviction, nationality, marital status, sexual  orientation, independently of hierarchical levels. 

MIDLAND has the commitment of conducting its business, prioritizing the safety and  health of its employees and the community, keeping safe processes and good  practices, and expects same by its partners.  

MIDLAND is committed to following all legal and environmental requirements and  applicable regulations, fulfilling activities that serve as example and support to the  entire supply chain. 

The company offers one anonomous chanel of comunication that can be used by its partners and service providers when any illegal  practices described above are identified.

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